[Icecast] Any reliable command line clients?

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Fri Feb 18 10:55:47 PST 2005

Well, I didn't test one of my requirements with mplayer.  http 
authentication doesn't seem to work.  This one puzzles me as mplayer 
documentation seems to state it is supported.  In fact, running mplayer 
results in it telling me to use the -user and -password options or a url 
formed like the m3u's delivered by icecast.  Neither works for me.  They 
all say:

Authentication required for "Icecast2 Server"
Unable to read the username
Please use the option -user and -passwd to provide your 
username/password for a list of URLs,
or form an URL like: http://username:password@hostname/file
Unable to open URL: http://username:password@wknc.org:8000/wkncbackup.ogg

Is anyone else able to make mplayer work with http authentication?  Is 
there perhaps some compile option I need to use?  The same thing happen 
with the windows binary I downloaded, which I would expect to be 
compiled properly.

Any thoughts?  Should I contact the mplayer mailing list?


Joel Ebel wrote:
> MPlayer was a good suggestion.  I've been using it for days now without 
> a hitch.  I normally just think of it as a movie player, but it seems 
> quite good at playing ogg streams too.  It's a slightly larger and more 
> complicated program than I would prefer for the simple task of playing 
> ogg streams.  I guess I'd just rather ogg123 work right.  But 
> nonetheless, mplayer seems quite reliable.  It displays two percentages 
> that I don't entirely understand.  The first starts at 0, the second at 
> around 15%.  I'm sure the second is some kind of buffer.  It slowly 
> dropped from 15 to 0 over a day or so, but then the first number started 
> climbing.  But after several days, the first number is only at 2%.  I 
> wonder what will happen when it reaches 100%, but at this rate it will 
> take a couple months for it to reach it.
> Joel
> Geoff Shang wrote:
>> Joel Ebel wrote:
>>> ogg123:  The obvious choice.  But it can't seem to do it for long. 
>>> After several hours it begins to get a very repeatable pattern of 
>>> quick hisses. Usually pairs of two, the first one long, the second 
>>> short. Perhaps every 2 to 3 seconds.
>> This bug has been around for ages and has been documented several times.
>>> Are there any other command line ogg players?
>> Tried mplayer?
>> Geoff.
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