[Icecast] Any reliable command line clients?

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Thu Feb 17 09:04:01 PST 2005

MPlayer was a good suggestion.  I've been using it for days now without 
a hitch.  I normally just think of it as a movie player, but it seems 
quite good at playing ogg streams too.  It's a slightly larger and more 
complicated program than I would prefer for the simple task of playing 
ogg streams.  I guess I'd just rather ogg123 work right.  But 
nonetheless, mplayer seems quite reliable.  It displays two percentages 
that I don't entirely understand.  The first starts at 0, the second at 
around 15%.  I'm sure the second is some kind of buffer.  It slowly 
dropped from 15 to 0 over a day or so, but then the first number started 
climbing.  But after several days, the first number is only at 2%.  I 
wonder what will happen when it reaches 100%, but at this rate it will 
take a couple months for it to reach it.


Geoff Shang wrote:
> Joel Ebel wrote:
>> ogg123:  The obvious choice.  But it can't seem to do it for long. 
>> After several hours it begins to get a very repeatable pattern of 
>> quick hisses. Usually pairs of two, the first one long, the second 
>> short. Perhaps every 2 to 3 seconds.
> This bug has been around for ages and has been documented several times.
>> Are there any other command line ogg players?
> Tried mplayer?
> Geoff.
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