[Icecast] Question about artist name display

Ian A. Underwood agentgrn at dcne.net
Tue Feb 15 01:10:43 PST 2005

Chris McMichael wrote:
> All of my MP3's on my computer are categorized in folders named by the 
> artist.  I don't have any id tags on my MP3's. So all that is shown is 
> the song title in the status section.  My question is, is there any way 
> to have icecast go out and grab the folder name so that the artist name 
> will appear in the status window?  Also I use an m3u playlist to do the job.

Icecast doesn't actually do anything with your sound files.  What 
happens with the artist data is up to whatever application is doing the 
streaming to the server.

If your filenames are in good order, then you might want to take a look 
at Tag & Rename which can go through and add the proper tags based on 
the filename.


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