[Icecast] Icecast Newbie Questions

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sat Feb 12 07:51:06 PST 2005

Anton Krall wrote:

> 1. Can icecast limit the bps of an incoming live source? for example, limit
> the user/source to be only 24kbps and if the user tries to send a higher bps
> source, not allow it to connect? kind of like the commerical hosting
> services do?

No.  And I've no idea how the commercial services do it, maybe they have 
some patches against the Icecast source for doing this.

> 2. If a live signal is on almost all the time, can icecast be configured to
> act when the live source disconnects and start automatically playign some
> local mp3 files so the audience would have something to listen to and if the
> live source connects again, drop the mp3 and stream the live source one more
> time?

This you can do.  Set up a second stream on another mountpoint and 
configure the first mountpoint to fall back to the second one and also 
activate fallback-override.

Note that if these are MP3 streams, you must have the same sampling rate 
number of channels in the fallback stream as you do in your primary stream, 
otherwise players will choak.


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