[Icecast] Player Problems

Greg J. Ogonowski greg at orban.com
Thu Feb 10 09:39:56 PST 2005

I have brought this problem to the attention of the VLC development group 
before the holidays.
This problem is somehow related to the Icecast2 Burst-on-Connect mode and 
how VLC handles this, or in this case doesn't very well.

If Icecast2 Burst-on-Connect is disabled, VLC has less trouble syncing to 
the stream.
I was told by one of the VLC folks that they need to change their HTTP 
stream mode in the player to make this work correctly.  I have been trying 
to get a time-table for this fix, but have so far, been unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, the only fix is to disable Icecast2 Burst-on-Connect mode 
for the time being to be VLC compatible.

At 06:18 2005-02-10 -0800, Chris Weaver wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>Has anyone come across problems listening back to Mp3
>streams using VLC?
>The reason I ask is that we [ResonanceFM] stream at
>128K and at 24K (using two different Icecast
>instances). All players (Zinf, Winamp, Media Player
>etc) can play both streams bar VLC which seems to
>exhibt a skipping (i.e like the sound of a CD) problem
>when playing the 24K stream. Incidently it plays the
>128 fine.
>The two streams are:
>http://relay.exequo.org/resonanceFM  (24K)
> (128K)
>VLCs' log reports the following:
>main warning: audio drift is too big (133407),
>dropping buffer
>I'm not particularly au fait with Icecast so any help
>would be extremely helpful.
>Chris Weaver
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