[Icecast] Player Problems

Chris Weaver chris_corrupt_youth at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 06:18:45 PST 2005

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone come across problems listening back to Mp3
streams using VLC?

The reason I ask is that we [ResonanceFM] stream at
128K and at 24K (using two different Icecast
instances). All players (Zinf, Winamp, Media Player
etc) can play both streams bar VLC which seems to
exhibt a skipping (i.e like the sound of a CD) problem
when playing the 24K stream. Incidently it plays the
128 fine.

The two streams are:
http://relay.exequo.org/resonanceFM  (24K) (128K)

VLCs' log reports the following:

main warning: audio drift is too big (133407),
dropping buffer

I'm not particularly au fait with Icecast so any help
would be extremely helpful.


Chris Weaver

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