[Icecast] Setting up a windows icecast server problem

Chris McMichael macmichael01 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 9 13:38:16 PST 2005

I need help!!!  I can turn on my icecast server and bring up the status page and login to the admin section but I can't play music.
I am using ezstream and below is some code from the ezstream config file.  Do I need to include some code with in the regular icecast config file that points to the ezstream directory.


above I have a folder named cwradio which is within the ezstream directory and the folder contains the playlist.m3u file.  
If I type in http://www.chris-on-the-web.com:8000/cwradio/playlist.m3u it should load my music right???  Why doesn't it?? 
do I need to parse the playlist at the command prompt with the ezstream.exe file. 

please help!!

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