[Icecast] relaying streams

Rakotomandimby (R12y) Mihamina mihamina at mail.rktmb.org
Tue Feb 8 04:18:18 PST 2005

We're part of a LUG (Linux User Group) based at the University of
Orleans in France.
We have several dedicated servers for our foundation (we made the LUG a
foundation, for administrative and papers...)

We are able to relay some video or audio streams. We have, for the
mooment 3 servers, with both 6Mbps (yes it's not huge, but it's better
than nothing :-) )

The condition on the stream we will relay is very simple: vorbis
"format" only (speex, ogg, theora), and legal content (no porn video and
shits like that...)

We'll relay for free, and as long as our foundation is "alive". Notice
we only relay, we wont host the audio/video files, so that you should
have a working server somewhere.

We'll use Icecast (possibly Icecast-kh for the theora relaying?).

Just contact me, for requests and comments.
ASPO Infogérance       http://aspo.rktmb.org/activites/infogerance
Unofficial FAQ fcolc   http://faq.fcolc.eu.org/
LUG sur Orléans et alentours (France).
Tél : 02 34 08 26 04 / 06 33 26 13 14

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