[Icecast] Question

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Mon Feb 7 19:45:19 PST 2005

Juan Bidini wrote:

> I installed the icecast server, and I got it run.-  it's opened 8000 port, 
> but.. i have no idea how to reproduce music.-

Like others have said, you've got to send it a stream for it to serve. 
It's like a radio transmitter - you can send to thousands of listeners, but 
you've got to send some sound to the transmitter otherwise they won't hear 

To help us help you, tell us the following things:

1.  Do you want to play recorded material or stream something live?

2.  What operating system do you wish to do this from?  Note that this does 
not have to be on the same machine as the server.

3.  What format do you want to stream in (e.g. ogg vorbis, MP3)?

4.  If you're playing pre-recorded material, what format is it in?

Ok, that will do for a start.


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