[Icecast] Question about relays, mountpoints and fallback

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sat Feb 5 04:38:26 PST 2005


There are two issues here, the being able to listen to the jukebox directly 
and it being listed.  I'll deal with the simpler one first.

There's two ways to prevent a stream from being listed, streamer-side or 
server-side.  I don't know how either of these affects a fallback situation 
(I'm guessing that at least the streamer-side solution would cause the 
stream not to be listed when it falls back so it's probably not desirable, 
but I don't know for sure).  You can either tell your jukebox streamer that 
the stream is not to be listed on the YP directory, or you can make a 
<mount> section for /jukebox.ogg and put a no-yp directive in like so:


You can also add an <hidden> directive, which I think stops it appearing on 
stats pages if this is important to you.

The other problem is more difficult.  I've thought of a few solutions, but 
not sure if they all work so wil need input from developers on these.

1.  Set <max-listeners> to 0 in the block we just defined.  This will work 
*if* the parameters for listening to your live mount are not influenced by 
your jukebox mount definition.  Logic would suggest this to be true, but 
one would need to test this.  The downside to this solution is that it's 
not possible for an admin to tune in and check that it's running.  So I 
recommend against it.

2.  Set some authentication on the mountpoint.  Again, I don't know if
    doing this will affect free listening to your main mountpoint, but one
    would think it wouldn't.  This means that anyone trying to listen to
    /jukebox.ogg would need to have the right credentials to be able to do
    so.  This would be my prefered option.

3.  If neither of the above work, you could simply use some wacky mount 
name that no-one would guess in a million years, like 
/d6cb699284189628d0d8a6c5e56552fb.ogg - as long as it's in the config file, 
that's all that matters.

Hope one of these works for you.


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