[Icecast] streaming to dialup users gives low quality audio

Dave dmehler26 at woh.rr.com
Fri Dec 30 19:05:16 UTC 2005

    I've got two streams, one for broadband, one for dialup. Well, having 
had occation to use a dialup connection recently i checked the dialup 
stream. Although it was streaming what the broadband stream was, the audio 
quality was audibly worse. It didn't buffer, but it didn't sound as clear as 
the broadband stream. I used lame to encode the tracks to mp3 and used it's 
standard preset while doing it. In my ices.conf file for the dialup stream i 
originally had a samplerate of 22050, two chanels, and a bitrate of 24. I 
changed the bitrate up to 56, which resulted in a noticeable audio increase 
in quality but the buffering was unacceptable. If anyone has settings that 
work i would be interested in hearing about them.

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