[Icecast] what is the queuesize?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Dec 16 23:28:48 UTC 2005

Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:
> Hi, 
> In the Icecast configuration file, at the begining, there is a queuesize
> parameter.

The queue-size in the limits section is the default for all mountpoints 
unless you override it in a specific <mount> group.

> Is it an amount of bits? What bits?

The queue-size is specified in bytes, using bits as the measure is too 
precise.  It represents the trigger level at which the queue of stream 
data will be pruned, so can be seen as the maximum amount of stream data 
that icecast will store for a particular stream. Normally the queue of 
stream data is not so full, but if it does get full and the queue is to 
be pruned back then it will be because there is a listening client that 
is too slow for the stream bitrate and that listener will be dropped.

There is no one rule for the best size to use, a larger number just 
means a little more RAM can be taken up, obviously video streams 
generally have a higher bitrate so a larger queue size may be better in 
those cases.


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