[Icecast] a few more questions...

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Wed Aug 31 21:05:23 UTC 2005

At 01:27 PM 8/31/2005, Michael Hale wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I sent the last email prematurely - I had a few more questions.  I
>don't wish to start a holy war here, but are there certain OSs /
>Distros that are preferred for running very busy icecast servers?
>We're a Solaris shop currently, but don't mind using linux or BSD if
>that would make things easier.
>I see there is a Fedora Core RPM on the icecast page - does that
>indicate that Redhad would be a preferred distro to use?

the only reason we provide a Fedora RPM is because that what I had at the 
time of the release.   I can't really answer "which platform best runs 
icecast" because there really isn't alot of data on it...

>What are people's experience around here that run large (20k plus
>listener) icecast setups?  What hardware / OSs do you use and why?

just so you know, but even the largest capacity servers that publish 
listener counts are in the thousand ranges, not tens of thousands. So you 
are going to have a hard time finding input on this level of usage.

>Also, can icecast relay WMA9?  We decided to go with the Spacial Audio
>SOS product to deal with AFTRA requirements, and it supports encoding
>to mp3, mp3pro, WMA9, and OGG - is it much of a headache to have an
>icecast server be able to relay mp3 and WMA9 streams at the same time?

icecast doesn't currently relay WMA streams.  It is also not on our agenda 
either.  Icecast is a XIPH project, and thus you can understand our desire 
to support and advocate the use of patent-free/royalty-free codecs.


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