[Icecast] Rc1 Linux Crash

Jason Jason at Weatherserver.net
Tue Aug 30 20:08:33 UTC 2005

I'm trying to use authentcation on a mount on the 2.3RC1 and each time it has to open the auth file it crashes.

This is the debug.  There is no file named kwscan so I guess it's a error in creating it. icecast crashes when I try to add users or try to load the mount in winamp.

[2005-08-30 13:03:13] DBUG admin/admin_handle_request Admin request (/admin/manageauth.xsl)

[2005-08-30 13:03:13] DBUG admin/admin_handle_request Got command (manageauth.xsl)

[2005-08-30 13:03:13] INFO admin/admin_handle_request Received admin command manageauth.xsl on mount "/scannerlive"

[2005-08-30 13:03:13] WARN auth_htpasswd/htpasswd_recheckfile failed to check status of /home/ve3nsv/icecastauth/kwscan

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