[Icecast] Icecast 2.3 RC1 Announcement

Dave Pascoe davekm3t at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 17:46:29 UTC 2005

Quick question on 2.3RC1...

I am running a network of Icecast-kh51 servers in a master/slave
configuration.  On the central server, I run two instances of Icecast,
one on port 8012 and one on port 8010.  All of the sources connect to
port 8010.  The instance of Icecast on port 8012 has max listeners set
to 1, and has a bunch of <slave-host> entries for all the slave hosts
(including itself on port 8010), sort of a load-balancer.  Listeners
connect to the master server on port 8012 and get redirected to a
slave server on port 8010. Each slave host is configured so that its
master server is the master server on port 8010, and each slave server
has a <slave-host> entry listing the master server on port 8012 (the
"load balancer").  This slave-host entry on the slaves theoretically
sends a listener back to the load balancer if it has no more listeners
slots available.  I really like the way this configuration works.

Is it possible to replicate this in 2.3RC1?  I know that some of the
master/slave functionality has changed but I can't figure out if it is
possible to get the same load balancing type of configuration I
currently have.  Also, it would be ideal if I could keep the current
ports (where the sources feed to and where listeners connect) if at
all possible.


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