[Icecast] Icecast 2.3 RC1 Announcement

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Tue Aug 23 15:28:44 UTC 2005

Another manual comment.  The very last sentence on the listener 
authentication page is this:

Winamp/XMMS as least support the passing of query parameters, other 
players may also do

I imagine this was some late night attempt at english, but I think it 
could be easily and drastically improved. :)


oddsock wrote:
> At 04:45 PM 8/22/2005, you wrote:
>> In the process of installing 2.3.0.rc1, and I already notice one thing 
>> that I believe deserves commend.  In the documentation, it still 
>> states that metadata updating only works for mp3 streams.  Doesn't 
>> this work for ogg vorbis now too?  We seem to be doing that.  Perhaps 
>> that should be updated.
> yes, it works for most (if not all) media types now...I've removed that 
> statement about "only working for mp3 streams" from the docs...thanks 
> for the input...
> oddsock
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