[Icecast] Cannot listen to shoutcast mount point

Eric eric at axtronics.com.tw
Tue Aug 23 09:02:47 UTC 2005

Hello, I'm having some difficulty getting Icecast working. I was able to 
use Icecast and shoutcast when they were both installed on the same 
Windows XP box, but when I moved icecast to a Linux box, the same 
icecast.xml configuration doesn't seem to work.

I am able to connect to Icecast using shoutcast streaming source and 
stream the mp3 source to Icecast, however whenever I attempt to listen 
to the stream at the specified mount point (/channel1), I get a 404 file 
not found error. \

The access.log shows:

"GET /channel1 HTTP/1.1" 404 109 "-" "NSPlayer/ WMFSDK/9.0" 0

The important part of my icecast.xml is listed below, from the original 
configuration, I changed the ip for the hostname and bind-address only.


and some information from my error.log (I set the logging level to 4)

[1970-01-02  01:31:05] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source 
logging in at mountpoint "/channel1"
[1970-01-02  01:31:05] DBUG connection/connection_complete_source 
sources count is 0
[1970-01-02  01:31:05] WARN connection/connection_complete_source No 
content-type header, falling back to backwards compatibility mode for 
icecast 1.x relays. Assuming content is mp3.
[1970-01-02  01:31:05] DBUG connection/connection_complete_source source 
is ready to start
[1970-01-02  01:31:06] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node 
connections (1)
[1970-01-02  01:31:20] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Source not 
found for client
[1970-01-02  01:31:20] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node 
connections (2)
[1970-01-02  01:31:20] DBUG stats/modify_node_event update node 
client_connections (1)

Thanks in advance for any help,

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