[Icecast] ezstream and OSX 10.4.2 Tiger...

Michael Hale giftculture at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 21:36:09 UTC 2005

On Aug 22, 2005, at 3:58 PM, Karl Heyes wrote:

> from this I would check the version of the vorbis library  
> installed, it
> may be very old.  The exact error will be in the config.log but I  
> would
> check the version first.
> karl.

Hrm - I just installed fresh versions of the latest ogg and vorbis  
libraries, and I'm getting the same error - would this be something I  
should take up on the devel list?  I can include config.log here if  
it would be helpful.  Both of the new libraries are installed in /usr/ 
local/lib - I don't believe that there are any other older copies of  
the libraries on my system - if there were, is there a command I can  
run to determine the version of the libraries in my path?

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