[Icecast] too many open files again

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Mon Aug 8 19:21:16 UTC 2005

[2005-08-08  15:09:57] WARN connection/_accept_connection accept() 
failed with error 24: Too many open files

I'm getting this error I had earlier once again.  I reported this on 
June 1, and restarted the server at that time.  it's been working fine 
again since then, but now the error has shown up again.  lsof lists a 
lot of lines like this:

icecast   22212  nobody  141u  sock         0,0           1363923053 
can't identify protocol
icecast   22212  nobody  142u  sock         0,0           1363923057 
can't identify protocol
icecast   22212  nobody  143u  sock         0,0           1363923061 
can't identify protocol

They are present for all the pid's used by icecast.  There are 22 
icecast pids on the system.  I checked in the /proc/pid/fd directory for 
each pid, and each one is filled with exactly 1024 file descriptors.

I don't want to leave the server in this state for too long, but if 
there is any information I can provide within the next hour or so from 
this current state I'm happy to do some testing.  but it's no longer 
accepting connections, so I can't leave it down much longer.

As I said last time, I'm running Slackware Linux 10.0, kernel 2.4.26 and 
icecast 2.2.  We usually have less than 100 clients connected, but I 
have as many as 13 sources connected at once.  Only 6 are heavily used, 
and 6 more are just fallbacks only used when the primary 6 go down. 
There was no suspicious behavior I could find in the logs.  All looked 
just as it normally does. I suspect this happened over time since this 
instance of icecast has been running non-stop since June 1.

Joel Ebel

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