[Icecast] A Tutorial for streaming video

Daniel Ballenger lpmusix at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 05:08:50 UTC 2005

Not completely sure about this, though I can't see why it wouldn't work:
Would it be possible for you to run the asf video through mplayer
(mplayer plays those files, right?) and convert it to another format
(I believe you can dump the video to a mpeg 1 file or something like
that).  Then take that file and use ffmpeg to encode it to theora.

Haven't tried this yet for something exactly like this, but it should
work; or at least get you started on the right path.

Good luck,

On 8/7/05, Juan Pablo Herrera <jpherrera at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I need a tutorial for make a streaming server video with icecast and theora.
> Is possible to convert an asf file to ogg file?. I tested with vlc,
> but the new file ogg don't work fine.
> My problem is that a receive a asf file and need to mount into the
> server icecast.
> Please, let me know the best solution.
> Regards,
> JP
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