[Icecast] Icecast2, Oddcast v3 and Metadata

Luigi Palmiero adnusielog4 at rmsud.esercito.difesa.it
Fri Aug 5 09:01:26 UTC 2005

Hi guys,
this is my first post and i'm sorry for my bad english :-)
The question is this:
I have an "Icecast2 beta 3" server (under Red Hat 9) and a Winamp 5.0.8/Oddcast 3.0.7 source client.
My users are all with Win Xp and Win Media Player 9
The problem is with metadata. I set them into Oddcast and the server respond with this log messages:

[2005-08-04  12:03:23] DBUG admin/admin_handle_request Got command (metadata)
[2005-08-04  12:03:23] INFO admin/admin_handle_request Received admin command metadata on mount "/RadioOnLine01/canale02"
[2005-08-04  12:03:23] DBUG admin/command_metadata Got metadata update request
[2005-08-04  12:03:23] DBUG admin/command_metadata Metadata on mountpoint /RadioOnLine01/canale02 changed to "Prova di inserimento di metadata a mano."

All seems is OK, but Win Media Player not shows my message of metadata but only and always "Title" and "Description".

Where is the problem?

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