[Icecast] Help w/ ices & ALSA

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Tue Aug 2 14:59:53 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 15:21, Seth McTigh wrote:
> I'm currently using Icecast 2.2 w/ streams running DarkIce, under RH.  I'd like
> to try Ices, but so far am completely striking out.  My soundcard has ALSA
> drivers installed, but no matter what combination of settings I use in my config
> file, Ices won't start and I get the error: 
> "input/input_loop Couldn't initialise input module "alsa"
> Can anyone give me direction on where to look, or try to tweak?  As I said, I
> know  ALSA is working, because I'm running streams as I type this under DarkIce.
>  I've even tried stopping DarkIce and running Ices, but no matter what I always
> get the same error.  

That is just a general error message, any ALSA specific failure message
will be above that message, unless you haven't installed ALSA
development package on your system, but then the configure would fail to
find the messages. 

Also make sure you have ices 2.0.1 as that had a few fixes to the ALSA
input module


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