[Icecast] Icecast dies

Fred Black fred at batanga.com
Mon Aug 1 15:00:10 UTC 2005

Yes - the newer one (7/30/05) works just fine.  Thanks

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On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 15:11, Fred Black wrote:
> I'm getting strange behavior with this build. 
> My relays do not work.
> If I change back to the build on 7/13/05, everything works.  However 
> with the new build I get this error message:
> "[2005-08-01  10:06:16] EROR format-mp3/format_mp3.c Incorrect 
> metadata format, ending stream"
> Any ideas why?

yeah, a shoutcast metadata mis-alignment but I believe the later build has
this fixed.



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