[Icecast] site n shoutcast

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Fri Apr 29 08:29:22 UTC 2005

adam wrote:

> alo...just noticed www.icecast.org is down...probably someone else
> mentioned this...just throwing it in the mix just in case

It was up yesterday, and now there's an apache default page up there, so 
someone's probably reconfiguring stuff over there.

> i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to stop icecast1.2 from
> automatically giving mountpoint names when using shout....i am trying to
> get a mountpoint on an icecast1.2 using the oddcast plugin for winamp and
> the mountpoint name is defaulting to icy_0 despite my config on the
> encoder...does anyone have any hints?

The shoutcast protocol does not support mountpoints.  The icecast 1.x 
approach to dealing with this problem was to provide names of icy_0, icy_1, 
etc.  Of course, this has significant drawbacks, not the least of which is 
the uncertainty of which stream would be on which mount if you had more 
than one person connecting with a shoutcast client.

There's a few ways to deal with this.

1.  Upgrade to Icecast 2.x.  There's no official support for 1.x anymore.

2.  Assuming current oddcast has dropped support for Icecast 1.x, you could 
go back to a version which did support it and use that.

3.  Failing either of the above, assuming you want your stream to appear on 
/ instead of /icy_0, you could alias / to /icy_0 in icecast's config.  Of 
course, if it ever ends up on /icy_1, you could be in trouble.

Oh and if you must use icecast 1.x, at least upgrade to icecast 1.3.12.


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