[Icecast] problems installing icecast on red hat

ml ml at imux.net
Wed Apr 20 12:24:30 UTC 2005

Stefano Malagigi wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> sorry for my bad english. I installed with success Icecast 2.2.0 on 
> Fedora Core 3 but I have some trouble trying to install it on a Red Hat 
> 9, getting the message "error: XSLT configuration could not be found". I 
> have read others having the same problem but I did installed all the 
> packages, the devel ones as well! Someone can help me? Maybe telling me 
> the exact names and extensions of the right packages. I'm new in using 
> Linux too and I'm not used to rpms and things like that... thanks a lot. 
> bye
> Stefano (rome, italy)

Try ./configure --help

look at the --with-xslt-config= setting, you might need to give it the 
full path to xslt-config

Also check where the xslt lib is installed, and check /etc/ld.so.conf 
contains that location. (e.g. /usr/local/lib) if not, add it and run 

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