AW: [Icecast] Unable to compile icecast 2.2.0 under Suse 9.2

Tobias Grunow obiwan at
Wed Apr 13 17:34:20 UTC 2005

THX after I updated my sources.list for apt-get to include unstable
packages everything worked out fine!

Tobias Grunow wrote:

>Thanks for the advice!
>After I have managed to install all needed libs under Suse 9.2
>works just fine.
>But now I have a new problem.
>I need to install icecast2 under Debian 3 and the Debian package Server
>seems to be down constant.
>Where can I get the icecast2 install package for Debian besides from
>Debian Server?
>Can anyone name me a location on the web?
There are lots of Debian mirrors..

take your pick from this list

Chris Jones, SUCS Admin

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