[Icecast] AAC support?

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Apr 11 20:35:21 UTC 2005

Karl Heyes wrote:
> A container from nullsoft

hm, I learn something new every day :)

>>so when the source client logs in, it lies to icecast, saying it's an
>>mp3 stream? (as icecast won't accept anything else, but mp3 or ogg
> no, a source client identifies itself with a mime-type. MP3 being the
> default handler. Being the default handler means that pass through
> occurs

well, it says: mp3, when it isn't.

but then again, I'm not a crusader, what do I care :)
(and all those poor icecast servers, believing they stream mp3, oh my.. :)

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