[Icecast] AAC support?

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Apr 11 18:30:22 UTC 2005

on the download page for icecast, I can read in the icecast-2.2.0
changelog that there's support for AAC:

AAC is added as a supported streaming format Not too many source clients
support streaming in this format, but we support it.

but when looking at the source code for icecast-2.2.0, I can't find
reference to AAC anywhere. in particular, in format.c the
format_get_type function only distinguishes between mp3 and ogg:

format_type_t format_get_type(char *contenttype)
    if(strcmp(contenttype, "application/x-ogg") == 0)
        return FORMAT_TYPE_OGG; /* Backwards compatibility */
    else if(strcmp(contenttype, "application/ogg") == 0)
        return FORMAT_TYPE_OGG; /* Now blessed by IANA */
        /* We default to the Generic format handler, which
           can handle many more formats than just mp3 */
        return FORMAT_TYPE_GENERIC;

am I missing something?


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