[Icecast] stream to icecast and shoutcast

Mitja Pirih Mitja.Pirih at radiocapris.com
Mon Apr 11 13:14:00 UTC 2005


I would need an advice on how to change the setup of my streaming server.

The box is an AMD Sempron 2800+ 512MB of RAM, nvidia nforce2 chipset, running on an OpenBSD 3.7.
Changing the OS is the last thing I am prepared to do.

The system is runing icecast 2.2.0 and Darkice 0.15beta (live streaming). Because POSIX scheduling is not supported in OpenBSD (darkice message on startup) I am experiencing recording skips (shoutcast stream: icecast stream: Ices is actualy working very well. Why not use it, because I have to send an mp3 stream to our streaming provider who supports only shoutcast. So the configuration looks like this:

A ogg --Stream1---\
R ogg --Stream2--------> Icecast Server 2.2.0
K ogg --Stream3-------->    (local)
I ogg --Stream4---/
C mp3 --Stream5-------------------> SHOUTCAST (streaming provider)

The PC already has two soundcards. One is needed for streaming (darkice) the other one is for digital audio archive. I was thinking to start streaming with ices2 to icecast server and ices0.3 to shoutcast, but it seems that ices0.3 can't stream live audio? Any ideas? If it helps I can add another soundcard.

Thanks for help.


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