[Icecast] Victory

Justin Bot justinabomb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 18:25:57 UTC 2005

Though I'm not a legal advisor either, there have been some major
changes with these types of laws, exclusively in Canada *hinthint*

If your a Canadian citizen or have your information stored on Canadian
soil (including if a Canadian has legal rights to the server you're
hosting from), this data is considered intellectual property of

The reason why it's so funky, is because the supreme court of Canada
has ruled that (basicly) if it is on the internet, it is freely
available to those that are able to find it. The rationality for this
ruling is closely related to radio waves, satellite and tv signals. If
it can not be restricted by physical means, there is no point trying
to enforce it's capital loss.

The closest the RIAA, for example, has come to busting canadian file
sharers, netRadio djs and the like, is by going through the canuck
version of the FCC. But since our version of the FCC is candian and
not american, they have an immense task of getting anything into


Nutty hey?

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