[Icecast] stream delay

John john at kqlz.org
Thu Sep 30 01:04:11 PDT 2004

Hello Akos!

Akos Maroy wrote:

> John wrote:
>> I noticed that my ogg stream was 2 hours behind today.
>> Is that a normal thing with all icecast streams?
>> I had other people try it that have never been to that stream and 
>> they were 2 hours behind too.
>> What is that caused from?
>> How can that be fixed?
> what do you use to encode your stream? 

I use Simplecast and that's where the problem is.
Did some testing and installed Oddcast_v2  DSP for Winamp (on the same 
computer) and everything was fine.
No skips, buffering and everything was on time.
Anyone else had this problem with Simplecast?

I have a good system.
AMD XP2200
1.5gb ram
NT 4 SP6a

It's strange that's for sure.


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