[Icecast] Hello and Stream Listing

John john at kqlz.org
Mon Sep 27 22:13:33 PDT 2004

Hello Jason,

Jason wrote:

> Did you remove the <!--- and the --> around the directory section?   
> Also icecast would need access to outgoing port 80. 

I have limited control of the streaming server. I have a web control 
panel and that's with a few setting that can be changed.
(start and stop the server, change passwords, setup relays and enter YP 
There is a section "You can enter up to 5 yp directory servers" with the 
radiotoolbox, oddsock and icecast already in it.
All I see in the box is what I posted.

> Or it could be this from the FAQ
> First of all, icecast must have been built with YP support. This is 
> automatically done if you have libcurl installed. If libcurl is not 
> detected when icecats is compiled, then YP support is disabled. 

It should be Mediacast1 has a few icecast stations listed using ogg on 
this server.

I wish I could see the error logs from the server that might give me a 
better clue on what's happening.
The only options I have are "List MountPoints | Move Listeners | Stats | 
Status Page " that's it!

John Silvers PD/CE
Pirate Radio 100.3 FM

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