[Icecast] random playing order and forum location question

Mikka Dusza dusza at kolumbus.fi
Thu Sep 23 15:00:23 PDT 2004

1. where can I find the web-based forum? I'd like to search the solution,
because I was able to setup Shoutcast2 for streaming only one mp3 file, but
nothing else at all. (I did read the faq, the help 2 times, the logs, I even
checked the Tcp/ip traffic of the port of 8000... not found the solution). I
haven't downloaded the source code, because I was too sleepy. (and angry
:-(  )

2. I'd like to setup any (but I prefer shoutcast) mp3 stream server with
multiple mount-point. Mount points (I like the jukebox channel as the name
of a mount point) are genre-related and music-band related m3u files,
containing some hundreds of items/lines, respectively. From my workplace I'd
like to listen to different channels in RANDOM order from my home server.
(but as one infinite [looping] stream). What is the simpliest way to do
this? (windows 2k) Or should I write my own application to solve my special
personal requirements?

3. Just info: Yesterday night I was so angry (dear shoutcast developers,
please forgive me) after 2 hours writing config file and analyzing the log
and trying to figure out how the h##ck can I configure multiple mount points
correctly based on local m3u files and play in random order in the different
channels. So I've written a socket server that parses a .m3u file and start
to send brutally the mp3 files in random order, infinitively. (constantly
40kbyte/sec speed, this is the max of 320kbit/s. I don't calculate any
bitrate, nothing at all, and as simple as possible.) I don't send headers,
nothing fancy things only the pure bytes. Receiver also exists, but cannot
play at all. Now I'm looking for how can I write winamp plugin to receive my
own mp3 stream bytes and pass to the player. (I would like to not write a
player, probably I even cannot do.) This short project can work fine in
local LAN, but because there could be full of security issues, I'm not brave
enough to use over the internet. (so I still prefer the Icecast2 solution if
there is any.)

4. If there is no this kind of application yet, (windows) i've one more
question: is there any strong reason against the shoutcast format?

All the helps, links, other advises
Thanks in advance,

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