[Icecast] pthreads problem when I run ./configure

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Wed Sep 22 06:30:17 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 03:07, Dale Ghent wrote:
> On Sep 21, 2004, at 5:32 PM, j.p.drawneek at durham.ac.uk wrote:
> > I am trying to get icecast 2.0.1 to compile on a solaris express box 
> > but the
> > configure fails with the error "configure: error: POSIX threads missing
> > ".
> Do you have the SUNWhea package installed? Which version of Solaris are 
> you running? And I take it you're using GCC as your compiler?

sun package names are just great..

The problem was because the pre-built gcc was not thread aware. gcc -v
shows the info.


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