[Icecast] Icecast Problem - Clients lose sound after songs

Dwayne Kirkwood kirkwood at orcon.net.nz
Sun Sep 12 18:09:56 PDT 2004

Hey.. I'm new to the mailing list so this is my first post, be gentle if
I've made any mistakes!

I'm having a problem with my icecast install. I'm running Icecast with
Ices2, and am using a hacked up version of IceRequest module.

This problem happened before I used IceRequest so it isn't really related.

Anyway! What happens is that while the radio is playing, occasionally when a
song ends the client doesn't hear the next song, but stays connected to the
radio (winamp 5). If they double click on the radio in there playlist, it
reconnects and they can hear the song. It tends to happen for about 3 songs
in a row (this is on random btw). If the client doesn't reconnect, at some
point later on when another song change happens he'll be able to hear the
radio once again.
This happens to all clients at the same time, it's not just one or another. 

If anyone can help me out that'd be excellent!


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