[Icecast] fallback to static mp3 file?

Geoff Shang gshang at pacific.net.au
Sat Sep 11 11:57:00 PDT 2004

Karl Heyes wrote:

> Don't forget icecast does have file
> serving capabilities so it would be just a matter of doing internal
> changes to handle source to file serving client migration and vice
> versa.  I need to look at the specifics to an idea of the extent of the
> changes.

What would be cool is an initial static file being sent before joinging a 
life stream, such as shoutcast can do.  For static situations, a static 
file can be put in the calling M3U or PLS file, but I'm thinking about the 
ability to do this for fallbacks.  We have two situations where this would 
be useful.

First, at times we haave an automaation system which uses Oddsock's Song 
Requester plugin to take requests when no-one is on the air.  It would be 
great if, when a stream fell back to this stream on its own mountpoint, the 
listener could be told that this was the case and to go to our website to 
make requests.  New listeners would also benefit in this situation.

The other situation is that we have a backup loop that kicks in when no-one 
is on.  We could have a loop of files that cycles, and a message at the 
front that tells people of the break in transmission and thata programming 
will resume shortly.  This means that anyone listening doesn't haave to 
hear the same loop from the beginning all the time, but they can be told up 
front what the situation is so they know.

> There are still some known issues to resolve for trunk but those are not
> easy to trigger and in fact are not really stability issues.

So how far away are we from a release?  I'm keen to deploy this code, but 
I'm a bit reluctant to put development code up, though I could do this I 
guess as it is pretty stable as you say.  The other question I have from a 
friend is, if it's going to be awhile till the next release, are there any 
windows binaries of the development code?


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