[Icecast] fallback to static mp3 file?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Tue Sep 7 10:55:01 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 17:54, Klaas Jan Wierenga wrote:
> Karl,
> It would certainly be a useful feature for me and I guess others. The
> current solution with ezstream works but listeners all end up at the
> same (current) point in the mp3 file. With the mp3 file as a fallback
> each individual listener would want to start hearing it from the
> start. This might be more difficult to implement with the single-q
> that is in the current trunk code, I don't know.

The single-q changes would not affect anything like this, this would be
purely a client handling change. Don't forget icecast does have file
serving capabilities so it would be just a matter of doing internal
changes to handle source to file serving client migration and vice
versa.  I need to look at the specifics to an idea of the extent of the

> About the status of the svn 2.1 trunk code. What is the status? I
> guess it's not a stable release? Or is it stable enough to use it in 
> a production system. If it is stable/mature enough I could start using
> it (with its extra features and bugfixes) in my production system. Any
> thoughts?

Whether it is stable enough is hard to say, as the only measure for that
is heavy usage. From the feedback I've had and the lack of faults
reported I would say it is certainly stable enough for most is not all
users :)

There are still some known issues to resolve for trunk but those are not
easy to trigger and in fact are not really stability issues. 


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