[Icecast] Stats Bug?

Jason Jason at Weatherserver.net
Thu Sep 2 15:31:29 PDT 2004

Version of Icecast: Newest Post on website 2.01

I do mp3 feeds I have mounts as /live /scanner and /nypd backup

I never thought of trying the other stats screens when it happens but the 
author of simplecast says it is a issue he has told icecast authors about 
but it doesn't seem to be fixed.  I only happens sometimes like right now I 
can't reproduce it.

I'm guessing simplecast reads the /admin/status.xsl and something gets 
corrupted so it can't read the page correctly.
It may also just be a simplecast icecast issue.

I've posted a link to the simplecast forum and other people talk about it. 

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> On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 18:22, Jason L wrote:
>> I use simplecast as the source into my icecast2 server. It has a built in
>> stats program but the problem is that If my icecast server has over 2
>> mount
>> points the stats stop working and the only way to fix it is to restart
>> the
>> icecast server.  Is there anyway to fix this bug myself?
> can you give some more details on what you have running? version of
> icecast, what mountpoints you have running, stream format etc.
> Also do the /status.xsl and /admin/stats.xsl show in your browser ? I've
> not heard of this error before, so it's best to get an idea of what is
> being used.
> karl.
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