[Icecast] Stream File Type?

Brett Trent btrent at newsguy.com
Thu Sep 2 14:58:33 PDT 2004

>Brett Trent wrote:
>>I'm a newbie.
>>I've just installed Icecast2 and am streaming to it successfully via
>>Nicecast (great app BTW).
>>My problem is that the stream from Icecast2 comes through as an .m3u
>>which does not correctly open on any of the Mac or Windows machines
>>that I've tried.  When broadcasting directly from Nicecast the file
>>type is a .pls which both iTunes and WMP seem to deal with just fine
>>right out of the box.
>>Is there a way to have Icecast2 send as some other type?  My users
>>are tech-illiterate so making changes on their end it not an option.
>>Thanks, Brett
>You've probably not set the hostname properly in the config file, as this is used in the generation of the m3u file.  Download the m3u file from the server and have a look at what's inside it.
>Liveice Project http://liveice.sourceforge.net/

We did finally get this resolved.  Once we started using the IP instead of the FQDN it all worked perfectly.

Thanks to you all,

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