[Icecast] Logging songs played by Icecast?

DV dvessell at charter.net
Sat Oct 30 10:35:18 PDT 2004

Hello all,

I skimmed the last year's worth of messages and all the docsand could find
no reference to this.  I'm hoping someone here can assist.

I am a host for an Internet radio station,and we gave about 20 DJs.  Each
host determines their own playlist and uses a variety of tools to broadcast
to the Icecast server (e.g. SAM2, SimpleCast, etc.).  Since we do not have a
set playlist for the entire stream, I am trying to find a way for IceCast to
write a log of all the songs streamed through it, ideally by recording the
information in the ID3 fields.  Any suggestions?

DAVID VESEL -- synthetic music for humans
davidvesel at gmail.com
David L. Vessell, St. Louis, MO

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