[Icecast] Question about ices and stream information

Tim AtLee spaced at spaced.dnsalias.com
Sun Oct 17 17:22:47 UTC 2004


I'm using a python script to control the playlist.  The playlist data is stored in a mysql table, etc ..

However, when I play a track, the data displayed on the Icecast2 status page reflects the next track going to be played.

After inserting a few statements into the python script, ices outputs:

Logfile opened
Executing initialize() function..
Executing get_next() function... tracknum: -1
Executing get_lineno() function... start: -1
Exiting get_lineno, end: 834
Error opening No record at -1: Error opening: No such file or directory
Executing get_next() function... tracknum: 834
Executing get_lineno() function... start: 834
Exiting get_lineno, end: 679
Playing /downloads/mp3s/Underworld/Underworld - Rez.mp3    // This is track 834 in the db
Executing get_metadata function - tracknum 679
Mounted on http://localhost:8000/ices
Executing get_metadata function - tracknum 679

forcing to the next track (SIGUSR1), the following is displayed on the console:

Executing get_next() function... tracknum: 679
Executing get_lineno() function... start: 679
Exiting get_lineno, end: 848
Playing /downloads/mp3s/Dave Matthews Band - Under the table and dreaming/Dave Matthews Band - Ants marching.mp3   // track 679
Executing get_metadata function - tracknum 848

Yet, according to the status page, it's supposedly playing track 848

My python script does not contain calls to other ices functions, so I'm a bit confused why ices determines the metadata for the next track it will play.

What am I missing?

I can send the ices.py module, or attach it to my next post..  not sure what the etiquite<sp?> is on this list for that kind of thing.

Thanks in advance,

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