[Icecast] status.xsl contains old entries

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed Oct 13 00:31:05 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 13 October 2004 03:43, Myke Place wrote:
> Hello all,
> When I look at status.xsl for my Icecast2 server, I see not only
> currently connected mounts, but also _previously_ connected mounts which
> read as "Stream Information (stream not currently available)".
> Is this the desired behavior? It seems as streams connect and
> disconnect, this page fills up quickly to the point where it is
> unusable.

This is not a bug.

If you don't want this, it's very easy to modify your status.xsl (it's 
designed to be user-modified) to not display things that you're not 
interested in.


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