[Icecast] Archiving live streams broken down by time.

Marion Hall hallm at 1satcom.com
Wed Oct 6 00:54:57 UTC 2004

Chris Rupp wrote:
> you could use a cronjob - the first cronjob starts a shell script at 
> 3:00; the shell script generates the filename from the current date and 
> time (i.e. OpenLine09001.ogg) and starts dumping the stream (i.e. with 
> wget). at 3:30 you start another cronjob which kills wget.

> Chris

I believe that's going to work.  Here are the commands I used:

wget -O /var/mp3/openline-`date +%m-%d-%Y`.ogg


start-stop-daemon --stop -n wget

I've got the cron jobs set to the times of the shows and I'll find out
tomorrow if it works.

Thanks for your help


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