[Icecast] CPU load

Mindaugas Musnikas m.musnikas at lrtc.lt
Tue Nov 30 14:05:57 UTC 2004

Hello all,

I want to stream multiple live programs. For that purpose the analog signal of radio  program must be digitalized and encoded. I'm using RME HDSP 9652 (with 26 input channels) soundcard for capturing the sound. For encoding I'm using jackified version of ices (ices-kh) and JACK server to connect multiple ices processes to the soundcard. My operating system is  Linux Mandrake 10.0 with kernel 2.6. The drivers for soundcard is ALSA 1.0.6. My Hardware is  Pentium4 HT 2,8 GHz with 512 MB of RAM. Operating system recognizes two logical CPUs and distributes the load between these devices. When I start icecast, jackd and 12 ices processes in this PC, I can see that these processes use about 80% of the CPU time. My question is: is such a usage of CPU normal or not? What parameters of ices configuration file can be changed to optimize consumption of CPU time? I know, that a managed bitrate requires more CPU time , so I'm not using this feature. Thank you in advance.
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