[Icecast] YP Directories?

Brian Coffee brian at tubhost.com
Mon Nov 29 08:47:52 UTC 2004

Hello all. I am new to this list and have joined so I can get
news about icecast since I, surprise surprise, have my own
icecast server running. I want to know if any of you have a
good list of yp directories that will accept yp submissions
from a public server. If you know of any that I don't, please
feel free to e-mail me with more. Here's what I have come
across so far:


I may be putting together a good index of these soon and
posting them to my blog for other people to be able to view,
so I appreciate any help. I may also setup my own ypdir using
the icecast2yp code pasted on this list once I find the time
to get around to setting it up.

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