[Icecast] Prevent client disconnecting fallen-too-far-behind

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Sun Nov 28 02:23:21 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-11-27 at 21:52, Henk van de Ridder wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anybody know how I can configure icecast so it doesn't disconnect a
> client which "has fallen too far behind".

there isn't anything else icecast can do when that condition is reached

> We are using icecast2.01 streaming software for our church home-listening
> system.
> Our client we use a netgem-netbox.
> We are streaming 25kbps MP3 on V90-56kbps modem connection

a 56kbps modem is not going to have a lot of tolerance.

> After around 45 minutes after starting the cleint the icecast error.log
> reports:
> [2004-11-27  20:25:58] DBUG format-mp3/format_mp3_write_buf_to_client Client
> had recoverable error -1.
> But the client still goes on playing for about 1 hour. Then it suddenly
> stops the music.

The size of the buffer in the player and the size of the TCP buffers on
the server/client OS will have an effect on the amount of data in-flight

> The icecast errorlog reports:
> [2004-11-27  21:33:18] DBUG format-mp3/format_mp3_write_buf_to_client Client
> had recoverable error -1
> [2004-11-27  21:33:18] DBUG source/source_main Client has fallen too far
> behind, removing
> [2004-11-27  21:33:18] DBUG source/source_main Client removed
> I think Icecast masters this proces and removes the client isn't it ?
> Many thanks in advance for suggestion which may solve this.

A 56k modem should handle a single 25kbps mp3 stream but the modem

. can get congested with other traffic easily
. could connect at a lower rate than you're expecting
. could retrain to get a better/worse connection.
. could suffer from loss

If any of those occur then latency will be added, and if that keeps
repeating then eventually icecast will close the connection to the


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