[Icecast] Re-Assembling SongData in Icecast Streams..

Ian Andrew Bell hello at ianbell.com
Tue Nov 23 00:19:14 UTC 2004

Like any other major radio station we output our music from automation 
software via analog audio through a mix board in a studio, where we 
insert other stuff like live DeeJays, etc. only to have that stream 
re-encoded by hardware MP3 encoders for distribution to our network of 
IceCast servers.

The chain of song information gets broken as soon as we output from the 
Automation software, although nowadays most of the software such as RCS 
and Dalet can output raw text or XML.  They had to do this for guys 
like XM and Sirius.

While we re-unite song data with the stream via our Flash-based player 
at www.pulverradio.com but you can always tell such radio stations on 
Live365 or Shoutcast.com because they don't pump out song data with 
their stream, which makes listening to the streams on dedicated 
hardware or desktop clients less interesting.

Can there be a way for Icecast to somehow re-include Song Data?  
Perhaps by ripping it from a web-available XML file and grafting it 
back into the stream there'd be some interesting possibilities for more 
big-budget broadcasters who actually move their audio through 
hundred-thousand-dollar recording studios.  That way they'd be as cool 
as the guys who are dumping from their old PCs in their basement. :)

Any interest in putting something like this together?  I don't have it 
all sewn up in my head just yet but it might make an interesting 


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