[Icecast] Multi-Level Fallbacks

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Sat Nov 6 17:47:48 UTC 2004

At 05:29 AM 11/6/2004, Dennis Heerema wrote:
>Hi There,
>Is there a nice helpfile to telle me how to set up:

apparently there was a bit of a disconnect on what actually is currently 
supported in 2.1 regarding this.  Multi-level fallbacks are implemented, 
however the part about automatic cascading of clients between fallbacks 
based on their bitrate capability is not.  Adding this capability is 
actually not too difficult given the way fallbacks are implemented, so we 
plan on adding this as a TODO for 2.2.  Sorry for the confusion.  I've 
updated www.icecast.org with a correct description of what we support 
regarding multi-level fallbacks.  Here is what it reads now :

* Multi-level Fallbacks
Multi-level fallbacks allow for specifications of a series of fallback 
mounts that you can use to automatically move listeners in the event of a 
source being disconnected. In the event new listeners attach to the source 
stream that has been disconnected, they are routed to the fallback mount. 
Icecast now has fallback-override capability as well which means that in 
the event of a source stream failure, listeners are moved to the fallback 
mount, and then automatically recaptured when the original source stream 

>* Multi-Level Fallbacks
>Multi-level fallbacks allow for specifications of a series of fallback
>mounts that you could use, for instance, to set up a series of
>progressively lower bitrate streams that would be cascaded through. For
>instance, a modem user would connect to the highest bitrate stream, and
>then could be cascaded down to a progressively lower stream until they
>reach a value they can handle.
>When i put up a faalback, do i have to remove other normal settings in my
>configuration of icecast 2.1.0?
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