[Icecast] Icecast 2.1.0 Announcement

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Fri Nov 5 15:33:48 UTC 2004

After 8 months in development, the icecast development team is pleased to 
announce Version 2.1.0 of Icecast.

New features for 2.1
* Listener Authentication
Icecast now supports listener authentication. This provides a mechanism for 
creating/maintaining users and passwords for listeners. Currently, we only 
have implemented a simple, file-based storage for users and passwords. New 
authenticators are on the horizon (such as URL-based or possibly MySQL 
based) New admin pages were also added for the maintenance of 
users/passwords. Please check the docs for a more detailed description of 
this new feature.

* Multi-Level Fallbacks
Multi-level fallbacks allow for specifications of a series of fallback 
mounts that you could use, for instance, to set up a series of 
progressively lower bitrate streams that would be cascaded through. For 
instance, a modem user would connect to the highest bitrate stream, and 
then could be cascaded down to a progressively lower stream until they 
reach a value they can handle.

* Burst-On-Connect
This is an new, optional config setting which will send a initial burst of 
data to connecting listeners. This has the effect of reducing 
(significantly) the startup buffer latency from the end-user perspective. 
This option is enabled by default.

New Enhancements for 2.1
* Update to admin interface
This interface has been cleaned up quite a bit and made a bit nicer.

* Rewrite of the YP listing code
The icecast yp code has received a complete overhaul by karl, and it's a 
much more stable and failure-resistant implementation.

* Lots and lots of bugs fixed
Check the ChangeLog for a complete list of these...

Download Icecast 2.1.0 from the Download page at 

The icecast development team.
Karl Heyes
Mike Smith
Ed Zaleski (oddsock) 

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