[icecast] long delay

Geoff Shang gshang at pacific.net.au
Tue May 25 17:07:05 UTC 2004

On Tue, 25 May 2004, sdgesa gaeharth wrote:

> I was using windows media player (with the patch for playing ogg).

hmmm, didn't know there were any WMP plugins that would let you stream.

<p>> <ices>
>     <background>1</background>
>     <logpath>/var/log/ices</logpath>
>     <logfile>ices.log</logfile>
>     <logsize>2048</logsize>
>     <loglevel>5</loglevel>

<p>I might have missed something, but I thought log level only went up to 4.

>         <input>
>             <module>oss</module>
>             <param name="rate">48000</param>


>             <encode>
>                 <quality>0</quality>
>                 <samplerate>22050</samplerate>
>                 <channels>1</channels>
>             </encode>
>             <downmix>1</downmix>
>             <resample>
>                 <in-rate>44100</in-rate>
>                 <out-rate>22050</out-rate>
>             </resample>

<p>hmmm, but you're reading in at 48KHz.  I'm guessing that'll result in
slower than realtime playback.  That won't help with latency.

This is a fairly low bitrate mode, approx 24kbps from my testing.  So if
WMP has a big buffer, it might well take awhile to fill it at this rate.


<p>--- >8 ----
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